Family & Community Engagement Plan


Talbott Elementary School 2023-2024

     Talbott Elementary will use the following means to provide timely and effective communication with parents and families:

·        Our “One Call” phone system which is utilized to leave a short message on one parent or guardian phone per student.

·        We utilize our updated website found at   This site contains all faculty email addresses for easy access.  It also contains articles                                    highlighting school activities and student work.

·         Administration sends home a monthly school calendar and weekly informative flyer through “Wildcat Chat.” 

·        Teachers send home classroom newsletters.

·        Teachers will utilize apps to generate group texts.

·        Parent/School/Student Compacts are utilized at Talbott Elementary to outline responsibilities for each party in the process of achieving student success.

·        Parent Open House is held during one night at the beginning of the school year.

·        Parent-Teacher Conferences are held in the fall and spring semesters.

·        Parents are encouraged to send a note, email, call, or drop by the school when a concern arises.

·        A marquee in the front of the school is used to remind families of important upcoming events.

·        Home visits are conducted through collaboration with our Family Resource Center.  Our pre-k teachers conduct two home visits a year per student as a pre-k            initiative.

·        The Talbott School maintains a Facebook page as another outlet for information.

·        School counselor provides a referral form for parents to refer their children when needs arise.

·        School counselor provides a list of community resources to families.

·        Families are given timely reports on progress with report cards every 9 weeks and mid-terms between each 9 week reporting period.


 Talbott Elementary will use the following means as way to involve parents and families in the activities of the school as well as in the learning process of their child:

·        Parent Workshops will be offered throughout the year with the intent to teach academic interventions to parents.

·        Talbott Elementary will train volunteers on appropriate discipline and FERPA along with health and safety measures.

·        Volunteers are used in a variety of ways such as, but not limited to: preparation and planning for instruction

·        Talbott Elementary hosts family literacy/STREAM events in the fall and spring to encourage students and families to embrace reading and learning outside                     the  classroom.

·        Parent volunteers and Talbott staff collaboratively run a fall festival during which time students and families have refreshments, play games, and win prizes.

·        Veteran’s Families of students and community members are recognized on Veteran’s Day.

·        Talbott Elementary will establish a parent as a member of the school leadership team.